About Us


Our Mission

MENUORG, a well-known online food ordering platform, aims at providing a faster, safer, more convenient, and more affordable platform in providing online food ordering services to customers in Canada, the United States, and China. Through integrating various catering brands and online network resources, our customers can order all kinds of food online conveniently.

  • Fastest.
  • Most Affordable.
  • Most Popular.
Our Vision

-Satisfy all customers’ taste buds
-Advance the development process of the catering industry,
-Provide easier and faster ordering services to our customers
-Provide healthy, delicious, and diverse food
-Make Contribution to a better life for all.

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Our advantage

Greater profit margin

After a scientific cost budget, the MENUORG platform only charges no more than 4% of restaurant orders. The specific ratio is determined by region, which is much lower than the charging standards of other platforms in the market, and franchised restaurants will have greater profit margins.

More professional technical team

Back-office technicians have worked in Alibaba, Google, etc. Good at data visualization design and big data tracking collection, beautify the online image of franchised restaurants, provide more accurate data feedback and customer drainage.

More convenient cooperation mode

There is no need to sign any contract to join the restaurant. Starting from the platform, we will no longer increase the service fee charged, and we can stop cooperation if we are not satisfied.

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Fast Delivery in 1 Hour

We support extremely fast delivery in some regions

Amazing Mobile App

We provide merchant apps and user apps to make it more convenient for you and users

Wide Coverage Map

We have 5000+ cooperative restaurants in three countries at the same time.

The strongest operation team

We can maximize the visibility of your restaurant and increase your order volume

Confirm cooperation

You can submit the admission application form to us, and we will have a dedicated customer service contact you. You can also confirm your intention to settle in by phone

Prepare your own website

After confirming the cooperation intention, we will add a computer PC website, mobile phone mobile terminal website, and APP store for you based on the information you provide, and open a management background account for you. In addition, our operation team will set up ads for you on platforms such as Google Yelp to increase your exposure, which may take 2 to 3 days.


After the website is ready, we will contact you again to inform you. And send delivery emails for you, you can choose other ways to check the page. The content of the email will include your website address, your management platform address and account number, and your restaurant promotion QR code.

Monthly bill

We will send you the bill for the previous month on the 3rd to 5th of the following month, and you can pay according to the bill